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Flat roofs are suitable for a number of different situations, including low maintenance, versatility, energy efficacy, and so on. But one thing that flat roof owners are required to be mindful of is water pooling. Well, there is nothing to be worried about if you ensure taking some precautionary steps. Here is what you can do to avoid water pooling on flat roofs:

Level Uneven Areas.

Start with rectifying the low spots within the roof. Even though we call them a flat roof, but they are not certainly fully flat. The reason is that the roof’s surface can have subtle slopes caused in the installation process; there could be precipitation or debris or simply weak spots on the roof. Rectifying these at the right time can make a massive difference.

Clear The Gutters And Drains.

The proper drainage flow is very crucial for flat roofs to divert water away quickly. The flat position of your roof can lead to drains and gutters filling up quickly with debris causing blockages and preventing water from getting through. Inspect and clean your drains and gutters to eliminate the blockages.

Apply Coating.

Applying a coating to your flat roof can protect it against the elements and reflect UV rays leaving your building cooler. Materials like silicone are durable and water-resistant and prevent pooling that can damage your roofs.

Add More Drain Lines.

Adding more drain lines to the building can also save your roof from leaks and damages. You may also consider having the membrane replaced or re-pitching the rooftop. Compressed insulation also causes water to the pond. It is best to get your roof inspected before going for this option.

We advise you to get in touch with an expert and experienced roofer like Newbill Roofing and get reliable, durable, and affordable services today.

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