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Going for a new roof costs more than a replacement. However, the effort is worth the added expense if done right. Are you contemplating whether you should replace or repair the current roof? You should consider the following points before going for any option.

Factors that determine the cost of installing a new roof.

The Roof Size.

This goes without saying; the bigger the area to be roofed, the more roofing materials will be required to complete the task. Hence, an increased cost. Moreover, the added surface area also needs more labor that will subsequently mean that you’ll have to pay more for the service.

If your cost of a new roof is on the higher side and the space is extensive, it is best to divide the project into portions. However, first, examine whether carrying out the entire project at once will be costing less as compared to when done in bits.

The Slope

The roof’s slope or pitch has a significant effect on the total roofing cost. This is because the workforce needs to be extra careful when the slant is steep. Meaning that technicians require more safety equipment, taking more effort to deliver a satisfactory job. Furthermore, the steep pitches might also need more time to execute compared to other roof types.

Roofing Materials

When choosing roofing materials, you have the advantage to make a choice and stick to what you can afford easily. At the moment, asphalt shingles are the most affordable roofing materials.

However, if you are planning to go with a more elegant and unique style, like slate, wood, or tiled roof, it would mean that you might end up paying more for the installation and materials.

Roof Removal Services

Re-roofing or installing a new roof means that you will need a roof removal service. The cost of this service highly depends on the type of roof you currently have and its size. Multiple layered shingles removal will cost more as it will take longer and more labor to complete the job.

These are some factors that impact new roof installation. Contact with a roofing expert before going with the option.

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